Happy Holidays in Mallorca – Part 1

Last year, Ollie and I left our holiday planning to completely the last minute. Trying to sell the flat and a particularly stressful period at work meant that our free time was consumed with other priorities and we found ourselves with 6 weeks until our pre-planned annual leave with nothing booked. We managed to find a last minute deal via Voyage Prive to Mallorca, Spain staying at … Continue reading Happy Holidays in Mallorca – Part 1

Body Shaming

I am sad to say that Body Shaming is becoming a very real phenomena in the society we live in today. It seems that no matter who you are, what shape you are and what size you are, people will always find something to complain about. Magazines in particular tend to be prominent culprits with glossy front pages plastered with celebrities caught at unfortunate angles … Continue reading Body Shaming

The 4 Pillar Plan – Dr Rangan Chatterjee

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t been writing for a while. Whilst I would love to say it’s because I’ve been basking in the sun on a Mediterranean island, the truth is that I’ve been feeling pretty low in energy over the past few weeks. So much so that I ended up looking to supplements to combat the fatigue (Floridax anyone?) … Continue reading The 4 Pillar Plan – Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Coconut Oil – The Holy Grail of versatile beauty products

When you think of life changing beauty products, Coconut oil doesn’t exactly spring to mind as a traditional item to use on your face, body or hair. However, more and more people are blogging and talking about the benefits of this little jar of exotic goodness (most commonly found next to a bottle of extra virgin in the Oils and Vinegar aisle in Tesco) on … Continue reading Coconut Oil – The Holy Grail of versatile beauty products

Sunshine in Sussex

Whilst there are many many things about the UK that we can all say that we are grateful for (Pimms, Afternoon tea, David Attenborough etc), I think we can safely assume that our Great British climate is probably not one of them. However, this weekend, we would all agree, was simply glorious! And Sussex was just made for long, hot summer days outside in the … Continue reading Sunshine in Sussex

Skincare Review

For as long as I can remember, I have been plagued with a frustrating combination of both oily and sensitive skin. Trying to find an effective skincare regime has proved difficult over the years with some cleansers and moisturisers either burning the delicate, reactive skin on my cheeks or making my forehead so shiny that my foundation melts away to a patchy, orange film. It … Continue reading Skincare Review

These are a few of my favourite things

Someone once asked me what my complete, favourite thing was. It could be absolutely anything except for a living thing (like a person or animal). The question had me a little bit stumped. I knew I must have a favourite thing but when caught off the cuff my mind went completely blank. It was only on asking her what her favourite thing was that she … Continue reading These are a few of my favourite things

The Three Peaks Challenge

Climbing the three highest peaks in the UK (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon) has been something that I have wanted to do since my very wise decision to split up with my previous long-term partner. I was convinced that at 27, I was destined to be alone forever, and I wholeheartedly embraced the idea of challenging myself and creating a life that I would … Continue reading The Three Peaks Challenge