Sundays at the Pumpkin Patch

Halloween is almost upon us and now we are in a house as opposed to a flat we decided to mark the occasion (and entice in the trick or treaters) with a pumpkin (or two) picked locally from Sompting at the Pumpkin Picking Patch. We saw pumpkins of all different shapes, sizes and colours. As far as the eye could see. Until finally we found … Continue reading Sundays at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy Holidays in Mallorca – Part 2

For my last post I focused on some of the logistical elements of our holiday in Mallorca. This time I want to provide some inspiration around the kind of things you can do on this fabulous Island. The Caves of Drach, Porto Cristo Probably one of the most well known activities to do in Mallorca and it truly is spectacular and at only €15 per … Continue reading Happy Holidays in Mallorca – Part 2

Happy Holidays in Mallorca – Part 1

Last year, Ollie and I left our holiday planning to completely the last minute. Trying to sell the flat and a particularly stressful period at work meant that our free time was consumed with other priorities and we found ourselves with 6 weeks until our pre-planned annual leave with nothing booked. We managed to find a last minute deal via Voyage Prive to Mallorca, Spain staying at … Continue reading Happy Holidays in Mallorca – Part 1

Body Shaming

I am sad to say that Body Shaming is becoming a very real phenomena in the society we live in today. It seems that no matter who you are, what shape you are and what size you are, people will always find something to complain about. Magazines in particular tend to be prominent culprits with glossy front pages plastered with celebrities caught at unfortunate angles … Continue reading Body Shaming