Red Red Wiiiine!!!

I was expecting it to be warm and fruity, like a thick cherry or plum juice. However, what I hot was a mouthful of bitter tannins and too much alcohol for my young palette.

Thankfully my tastes have evolved and red wine tends to be my preference, particularly in the dark, cold winter months.

We gave been fortunate enough this year to try some particularly tasty wine and one that I was particularly fond of is Wollemi Shiraz-Merlot.

Subtly spicy with vanilla undertones, this wine is very easy drinking (great for evenings in front of the telebox) but even better with red meat based dishes such as spaghetti bolognese or a steak.

For the lightweights amongst us, it’s 13% alcohol volume so go slightly easier on the top ups, particularly as it’s so tasty!

The £4.60 price tag helps too!

You can get this wine from most big Sainsbury’s stores!

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