30 Day Challenge

It’s that time of the year again! The time to give up drinking / chocolate / fun in favour of cabbage soup / running / detoxes.

To be frank, 2020 was punishing enough without an additional side of pain to welcome in the start of a new year. Although I’m guessing that New Years resolutions flew out the window for any lucky homeschoolers!

I don’t have that excuse to hide behind and it seems that every (seemingly) virtuous, life-changing choice I decided to implement at the start of the year completely falls by the wayside.

So this time I decided to try a ‘marginal gains’ approach and embrace the ’30 Day Challenge’ movement with a tiny tweak. Instead of the rigid 30 set days I’m going to make a small, yet achievable change at the start of every month and commit to this until the very last day of said month.

My commitment to January is to walk every day. The only rule being that it must take place outside and a stroll to the back of the garden doesn’t count. Happily I have not given myself a target time or distance to follow which makes the task more manageable, particularly during the week. Boris was clearly on my side this time because he locked us down, giving me less distractions and reasons not to do it.

We are on day 6 now and I’m starting to get into the swing of things. Now, I love walking, it’s probably one of my favourite things to do at a weekend but during the week I struggle to carve out the time, preferring to spend an extra 30 minutes snoozing, working or watching mindless TV. However, the knowledge that I only need to commit to divert this additional time until the end of January somehow makes the ‘sacrifice’ a little easier.

I’m actually enjoying being the first street resident out of the house each day. Wrapped up in a quilted coat, scarf and woolly hat I take a leisurely meander through the park and along a quiet residential street, observing the residents of Shoreham emerge from cozy, warm houses to start their day.

At the weekend I can go slightly further afield, taking myself over the South Downs and down to the seafront.

I’m still undecided on February’s challenge but as it’s a shorter month I feel like I need to capitalise on this rarity!

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