How to take care of yourself during lockdown

Hey, it’s me! I’m back again after a busy few weeks with work and getting as much DIY done as possible in the house while we have little else to do.

We have been fortunate enough to have such lovely weather which has meant that we can spend a lot more time in the garden, preparing it for it’s huge overhaul. Admittedly, had we not been in this pandemic, the garden redesign would probably be well on it’s way to being completed.

But aside from all that, I have been working on trying to look after myself in this period of unusual uncertainty. Friends and family have been telling me that they are feeling particularly low and unusually tired at the moment and I myself found (and still find) that the fatigue has been a real problem for me as well. My skin in particular has suffered from the lack of vitamin D and too much central heating and no matter what I do, I find that it can be dull and dry. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat.

Here are a few things I’ve been consciously doing throughout lockdown to help keep my mood upbeat, my mind alert and my body as healthy as it can be given the circumstances.

Healthy eating

I don’t mean any of those low-fat, low-carb, fasting type of fads. I’m talking about eating whole, unprocessed foods that are going to give you plenty of nutrients for your calories and not throw your body into even more turmoil with an added dose of aspartame, MSG and other kinds of nasties.

I recommend starting the day with a healthy breakfast of something oat or egg based.


Followed by a colourful salad or wrap.

And finishing off with a simple supper of homemade wholewheat bolognese or grilled fish and vegetables.

I guarantee that healthy eating can be as simple or as challenging as you make it but it will definitely help to keep the afternoon slump at bay and your mind clear.


Admittedly the last thing you are going to want to do when you’re already feeling tired is exert yourself any more then you reasonably have to. But trust me when I say that exercise is one of the best things you can do in the short term to help support your energy in the long term.

There are unlimited resources on YouTube (Joe Wicks, Yoga with Adriene) or alternatively go for a brisk walk in the morning to get some fresh air and clear your head.

I’ve been doing a combination of walking, HIIT, Yoga, stretching and weighted workouts to keep my mental health in check and keep my body moving. It doesn’t need to be every day, or even for every long but I really feel the benefits of doing something


Sleep Hygiene

With all the news reports and video calls with family and friends it is difficult to be able to truly switch off from your gadgets and the dreaded ‘blue light’ that is well known for disrupting sleep.

I’ve started to make sure I get to bed a little earlier then normal (perhaps half an hour or so) so that I can plug in my phone, set my alarm and have 30 minutes of relaxation without a screen. I use this time to read through a magazine for new recipes or dab on some lavender oil and start to prepare for sleep.



Sadly I’m not talking about wine or gin!

The benefits of drinking plenty of water reach far and wide. Considering our bodies are up to 60% water, it makes sense that we need to keep this topped up if we are to stay as healthy as possible.

We should be drinking around 2 litres of fluid per day and whilst it can seem unachievable, I have found that if I keep a decent size bottle with me it is much easier to keep drinking. Additionally, you can jazz your water up with all sorts of fruit, herbs and vegetables such as lemon slices, orange segments, frozen berries, cucumber, mint, parsley ….. the list goes on.

Lemon water


Fresh Air

For some people, fresh air has been difficult to enjoy during this lockdown period, particularly if you live in a flat.

But now we are able to enjoy the outdoors more then once a day there are so many ways to obtain your daily dose of fresh air. I particularly like sitting in the sunshine with a mug of tea, listening to the birds (has anyone else noticed that they seem particularly loud at the moment?)

I am fortunate enough to have a garden but if you don’t, why not take a thermos mug of tea to a quiet space outside and take a moment to breathe in the air and absorb your surroundings.



How have you been looking after yourself during lockdown?

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