It’s my Birthday!

Celebrating a Birthday in lockdown was not something I had ever possibly imagined would happen to anyone, let alone me.

But here I am, celebrating my 32nd Birthday in this lockdown state that we find ourselves in.

And actually, I am rather enjoying it!

My friends, family and work colleagues have truly made an effort so that I feel like it is still my day, even though I am very much staying in in (as opposed to going out out).

I have received so many cards, gifts and messages of love that I was quite overwhelmed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of others, even in these challenging times.


And of course……no birthday would be complete without a cake and candles.



Even if you literally have no idea how you’re going to be able to eat it all without people to share it with!

By the way….in a previous post I told you that mustard didn’t suit me; I have completely changed my mind on this! I absolutely love this shirt which I bought on a bit of a whim from New Look the other day. It’s so pretty and summery and a bargain at £15.99!

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