And just like that the UK are officially in lockdown.

Whilst I was saddened to hear that we now face this situation I can completely understand why. Media photographs of Brighton beach and London parks awash with people, demonstrated that there were still many who were not taking social distancing seriously enough.

Fortunately in Shoreham this was not an issue and we were able to get to the beach and safely avoid others.





Luckily we also managed to get to our local supermarket last night and there was actually some food on the shelves! Never have I been so happy to see a broccoli! Before yesterday we were playing a strange game of dinner roulette. I would find a random item on the shelf and have to magic it into some form of supper for me and Ollie. Whilst I found it amusing at the beginning, by the time we got to Sunday I had more then had enough of the barren shelves and chillers. Even the fishless fishfingers residing in my freezer were becoming precariously close to consumption.

There are parents across the country who are probably now wondering how they are planning to entertain their children without taking them outside. My friend Lucy has fortunately just bought a trampoline for her kids which seems to be burning off some energy.

I also hear that Joe Wicks’ online PE classes are going down a storm with around 1 million children tuning in yesterday which is good to see. Additionally there also seems to be a global movement around rainbows in windows for children to count whilst they are undertaking their exercise for the day. I thought it was only a UK thing until my friend who lives in Portugal informed us that shes seeing rainbows popping up all over the place and has subsequently done her own.


I still need to do mine. Happily I have the paints and pencils, I just need to seek out some plain paper from the darkest depths of my house.

Hoping that you are all keeping safe and well at this time.


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