Social Distancing and Self-Isolation

So….how’s everyone getting on with the social distancing and self-isolation?

It’s pretty incredible how many memes and videos have appeared on my social media to help lighten the atmosphere. Has anyone see the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost one yet? If you haven’t give it a YouTube (although it’s only relevant if you’ve seen ‘Shaun of the Dead’).

As mentioned in previous posts, we’ve been working from home which has actually been going a bit better then previously anticipated. Whilst I have had to change up the way I work and interact much more virtually, the tea has kept on coming and I have slowly adapted to life in my living room (and now office space) indefinitely.



Of course, we are lucky enough to have a park and a beach right on our door step so we’ve been making an effort to get some fresh air every day.

We needn’t have worried about maintaining a reasonable distance from other people because everything is completely deserted and it feels like a bit of a ghost town in Shoreham.



This weekend we have decided to get some gardening done as the weather is so nice.

I’ve bought some seeds, compost and tiny planting trays. Wish me luck! I was not blessed with green fingers.


As well as some acrylic paint so that I can finally paint stone ladybirds for the garden borders (when we have garden borders of course).


What are you getting up to on your social distancing weekend?

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