February 2020

What a strange month February has been!

We’ve had storms galore (Ciara, Dennis and Jorge), sad and unexpected celebrity deaths (Kirk Douglas and Caroline Flack) and an international pandemic on our hands (Coronavirus).

It’s enough to make you want to turn off the news, grab your loved ones, head to your nearest Pub, have a nice cold pint (of wine!) and wait for this whole month to blow over.

Which is exactly what I did!

Happily, it was my sister’s 30th Birthday and her hubby-to-be planned a not-so-surprise birthday party at the Thirsty Bear in Reading. As this is not our neck of the woods we decided to spend the night at the Premier Inn, Reading (classy!) which was only a short taxi ride from the main venue.

The Thirsty Bear has a fabulous private space upstairs with it’s own bar and plenty of room for around 50 people. Even better, it specialises in pizza so the buffet was a pretty popular place come 20:00. In-between all the socialising and drinking I only managed to snare 1 slice of pizza (which would probably explain the raging headache the next morning!).

We had a wonderful time dancing the night away, making new friends and catching up with old.




Before cutting into the fabulous flamingo cake.


Happy Birthday Ashleigh!!!

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