I had decided on my bridesmaids within a few days of our engagement back in January last year.


Although it did not come without it’s dilemmas!

For me I had a simple choice to make.

Should I keep it to family only to keep the numbers to a more traditional 3?

It would certainly be easier all round and I would only have a few people to worry about on the day (dresses, logistics etc)

But who said easy would be more fun?

The way I saw it, I wanted all the girls who had been with me through the many years of School, College, University and everything else after that. And if that would make then wedding party seem ridiculously big then so be it. At least I would be happy knowing that on arguably one of the biggest days of my life I would have my best friends by my side.

And who cares about tradition anyway?!

And so, I would like you to meet my bridesmaids……..all 9 of them!

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