Happy Holidays in Mallorca – Part 2

For my last post I focused on some of the logistical elements of our holiday in Mallorca. This time I want to provide some inspiration around the kind of things you can do on this fabulous Island.

The Caves of Drach, Porto Cristo

Probably one of the most well known activities to do in Mallorca and it truly is spectacular and at only €15 per adult and €8 per child (if bought online in advance) it is well worth a visit, even if it takes you slightly out of your way.

A natural wonder illuminated with light, the beautiful caves showcase a variety of impressive features created by water with a unique mini concert and boat ride on one of the worlds largest underground lakes.

We both enjoyed it immensely and recommended it to a colleague who informed me that her young son was in awe throughout the visit. A winner for a variety of audiences.





Sunrise and Dolphins Boat Ride, Porto Pollenca

Swimming with dolphins has always been one of the many things on my bucket list. They are such special animals and have always fascinated me since I was a young child. Despite this being one of the things I have always wanted to do I had never actually seen a dolphin in the wild, so imagine my delight when we found a boat excursion that takes you to see the dolphins in their natural habitat, complete with a sunrise.

The company we went with was Robinson Boat Trips and I would highly recommend them for their expertise and sense of humour. They were also great with the children on our excursion, showing them how the boat worked and giving them an opportunity to steer the boat with the Captain.

The boat leaves the dock at 06:00am so it is advisable to get an early night in advance as you need to be ready and waiting by 05:30am as it was a busy tour and they will not wait for latecomers.

The boat goes quite far out to sea and within an hour you will see a beautiful sunset which is great for photo opportunities but it is over so quickly so don’t waste the whole experience behind a lense like so many of the other people on our tour.


After a light breakfast of criossants, brioche and coffee we finally made it far enough out to sea to see the dolphins who were following the fishing trawlers. The anticipation was immense as the company are unable to guarantee any sightings. Our group were eagerly peering over the side of the boat and crawling onto the net at the front of the boat to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. Thankfully we were rewarded were a wealth of dolphins who were only too happy to rise to the surface for their audience.

We were back on dry land by 09:00am and decided to spend the remainder of the day snoozing on the beach with rounded the day off nicely.


The Wooden Train from Soller to Palma

No trip to Mallorca would be complete without a trip to Palma, the Islands Capital. But why not get there on the old Wooden Train, historically used to transport fruit from Soller valley to Palma.

The journey takes approximately 1 hour and passengers are able to wonder outside of the carriage to view the lovely scenery, including viaducts and bridges.




At €50 return per person, it is a little pricey but a fun experience nonetheless.


Meander around Valldemossa

I mentioned Valldemossa in my last post and I would highly recommend taking a morning or afternoon to simply wonder around the rustic little town with it’s cobbled streets, miniature art galleries and pretty shops.

Stop for a cafe con leche in one of the little cafes and do a bit of people watching. Don;t forget to drop into S’estret for an authentic tapas experience.



Lafioir – Glass Factory and Shop

On the way to Valldemossa, we passed an interesting looking building and decided to pull in at the last minute. It was clearly a shop but in order to get into the shop you have to walk through the main factory.

At first we were a bit hesitant as we could see that the two gentlemen were busy creating a masterpiece and we didn’t want to disturb them. However, they waved us in and waited until we were in full view until they started their next item.

I have never seen anything so incredibly creative and I had no idea that glass could be manipulated in such a way.  It look less then 20 minutes for them to create a lovely oil pourer and they proudly lifted it up so that we could see the detail of the piece.

We decided to have a browse in the shop to see if there was something small we could bring back with us.

We selected a triangular, blue glass ornament to display in our home when we have finished our renovations.


Beach Days

And last but not least, the beach!

Mallorca is home to a large number of beautiful tucked away coves and whilst I don’t have any specific recommendations, I would advise just visiting as many as you can so that you can see a little bit more of the island and find your own favourites.


I hope I have inspired you to visit Mallorca for your next holiday destination. With the variety of activities coupled with lazy beach days it makes for an interesting, yet relaxing location that I would highly recommend for all sorts of visitors.

If you are reading this and have also been to Mallorca, I would love to hear about other activities or locations on the Island that you would recommend!


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