Coconut Oil – The Holy Grail of versatile beauty products

When you think of life changing beauty products, Coconut oil doesn’t exactly spring to mind as a traditional item to use on your face, body or hair.

However, more and more people are blogging and talking about the benefits of this little jar of exotic goodness (most commonly found next to a bottle of extra virgin in the Oils and Vinegar aisle in Tesco) on a wide range of beauty requirements.


I have been using coconut oil for years now and I continue to swear by it as a natural product that has a multitude of uses. Happily, it is also considerably cheaper then the items that you would traditionally use for your beauty requirements.

My favourite Coconut Oil uses:

Make Up Remover:The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is spend ages scrubbing away at my waterproof mascara.

Rub a little coconut oil into your eyelashes and watch your make-up literally breakdown between your fingertips.

You can also use to remove foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick.

Hair Mask: My hair is naturally a bit of a lions mane and because I straighten it so much it tends to be quite dry at the ends.

To help keep my hair in better condition, I rub a dollop of coconut oil through the lengths and ends of dry hair , shove on a shower cap and allow the oil to work it’s magic overnight.

Simply wash and style as normal the next morning and your hair will be noticeably softer and more manageable.

Body Moisturiser: I sometimes find that traditional body moisturisers and body butters, whilst lovely, can leave strong scent that I can smell for the rest of the day and clashes horribly with my perfume.

This was the main reason I started buying coconut oil, as the scent is very subtle and seemed like a better option then Sunflower oil.

Twice a day (after a shower and before bed) I like to rub a light film of coconut oil in the areas of my body that tend to be a little dry (lower legs, elbows and knees).

Body Scrub: In the summer I like to use a little fake tan to give me more colour without having to use a sunbed or rely on the British climate to give me a tan!

To make sure my tan applies evenly without any patches I mix some sugar (anything but icing sugar) into coconut oil and slough over my body to remove any dead skin cells.

Wash off in the shower for smooth, baby-soft skin.

Cuticle Oil: I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time with my hands in hot, soapy water or using harsh chemicals as part of some of the jobs I’ve had in the past.

This has meant that my nails and cuticles have never been the same since and I often find that my cuticles go dry and split which can be very painful.

To keep my cuticles soft and supple I rub a little coconut oil into my nails, concentrating on the base.

I should do this exercise on a weekly basis (and I would recommend that you do) as a preventative measure but I often do this when my cuticles have already split to help them recover.

Do you have any uses for coconut oil that I haven’t shared here? I’d love to hear of more!

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