My Boys

Meet Ollie and Pip. My two best boys.

Ollie and Pip at Easter

Pip and Ollie came into my life as a pair and considering my first few encounters with Ollie involved me telling him how much I wanted a house rabbit (after I found out he already had one), I do sometimes wonder if our whole relationship was more then just luck of the dice.

I met Ollie through work when both of us were seeing other people. I still remember watching him set up his product promotional stand at an event that I was working on and being immediately drawn to his sense of humour and happy disposition.

Now I know what you’re thinking but honestly, our relationship at work was purely professional and reserved. He just made me laugh.

Years later both of us found ourselves in a similar situation. We had just split with our long term partners and found a sense of relief by being with another person who knew exactly how the other was feeling.

We gradually spent more and more time together outside of work and started to find that we had a lot more in common then previously thought.

Within weeks of us becoming newly single we decided to be brave and see if what we had was more then just the rebound everyone else predicted.

4 months later I moved in with Ollie and all of a sudden the longevity of our relationship became a bit more real.

Enter Pip.









Pip is the funniest, cutest (and sometimes grumpiest) little rabbit that that I have ever had the fortune to meet let alone adopt as my own.

His hobbies include eating, plotting his escape and destroying any iPhone cable that has the misfortune of being in Pip’s vicinity.

He is loved by my family for his unique character and mischievous personality and he is loved by Ollie for his adaptability when life puts hurdles in your way.

And me? I love Pip because he makes me laugh.

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