For as long as I can remember, technology and ‘trendy’ gadgets have always been something that I have actively shied away from. This is something that really exasperates my boyfriend who is always one to have the latest iPhone, tablet or TV.

As I have got older I have noticed that, whether I like it or not, technology has started to slowly seep into my life. From the computer and software I have to use at work to the mobile phone that is nestled in my handbag wherever I go (when I remember to put it in there of course!)

It’s not that I don’t think it is useful, I see the value in being able to use your phone as a sat nav and making the Facebook world jealous with on-the-spot holiday photos. I just find it difficult to navigate myself around the various buttons, clips, apps and ridiculous jargon (‘widget’ is rapidly becoming my least favourite word!)

So it was no surprise to me that starting this blog has not been without its challenges. The very idea that I was essentially creating and designing my own little slice of the internet almost sent me into meltdown. In fact, I’m already pretty sure that I could do a lot more to make my blog more aesthetically pleasing.

Whilst  I have always been keen to start a blog, the Technophobe in me didn’t think that I would ever be able to create something as good as some of the current material and sites that are already out there. It was in fact my friend Emily who assured me that it was ever so easy and a colleague at work who recommended ‘WordPress’ as a starting point.

So here I am, ready to tackle my irrational phobia head on……watch this space!

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