Red Red Wiiiine!!!

I was expecting it to be warm and fruity, like a thick cherry or plum juice. However, what I hot was a mouthful of bitter tannins and too much alcohol for my young palette. Thankfully my tastes have evolved and red wine tends to be my preference, particularly in the dark, cold winter months. We gave been fortunate enough this year to try some particularly … Continue reading Red Red Wiiiine!!!

How to take care of yourself during lockdown

Hey, it’s me! I’m back again after a busy few weeks with work and getting as much DIY done as possible in the house while we have little else to do. We have been fortunate enough to have such lovely weather which has meant that we can spend a lot more time in the garden, preparing it for it’s huge overhaul. Admittedly, had we not … Continue reading How to take care of yourself during lockdown

Social Distancing and Self-Isolation

So….how’s everyone getting on with the social distancing and self-isolation? It’s pretty incredible how many memes and videos have appeared on my social media to help lighten the atmosphere. Has anyone see the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost one yet? If you haven’t give it a YouTube (although it’s only relevant if you’ve seen ‘Shaun of the Dead’). As mentioned in previous posts, we’ve been … Continue reading Social Distancing and Self-Isolation